By Gwen Davenport  
Directions on How to Use This Web Page

To explore the different Milieu's (cultures) found on this web page, single click on the country of your choice that is located in the address box found on the left side of the  page, in the black box


Extra Credit    
             Are You Looking For A
      Way To Boost Your Grades?
            Would you like (up to) 
               10 Extra points 
        applied to your next test?
If so, follow the instructions below
*Choose one country from this site to   investigate 
*Read all information concerning the country
*Print Questionnaire 
*Complete Questionnaire
*Turn in Questionnaire
***To access the questionnaire needed to complete the extra credit assignment, single click on the Extra Credit 

  Please Remember! 
    Extra credit maybe obtained
twice during each grading period
  You may not summit the same     county twice for extra credit                     EVER!

                Good Luck !