Interesting Facts:

In India the official language spoken is Hindi

The population or number of people who live in India is 1,147,995,904

Sons take care of their parents when they become elderly

Family units live together - This includes father, mother, children, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, usually in houses called compounds

India has won five Miss World titles and two Miss Universe titles

The number system was invented by India

The' place value system' and the 'decimal system' were developed in 100 BC in India

Algebra, trigonometry and calculus also originated from India

The only country in the world that has a Bill of Rights for Cows is India

India is home to about 200 million cows

India has more post offices than any other country

Chess was invented in India

The first bathrooms is said to have been built in India about 4500 years ago

Map of India

 President of India: 
 Pratibha Patil 

 President Patil is the12th President of India

President Patil is the first woman to have been elected as President of the India Government 


Government –

Executive of the Union is the President

The Prime Minister is the head of the two Houses known as the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) and the House of the People (Lok Sabha)

Union of States has a parliamentary system of government

Laws are constructed based on the input of the President, Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers

  Money in India              

Paper currency is called the Indian Rupee

Coins are called  paise

One Rupee consists of 100 paise

Transportation in India

Railroads – 
largest in world

Airports – 
49 airports and
11International airports

Buses –  Go everywhere

Boats –  12 major ports and 185 intermediate and minor ports

Cars and trucks – roads are narrow and they have poor road construction

Auto Rickshaws –very small vehicles that are called three-wheeler

Elephants – are still used for travel

Cycle Rickshaw – cheapest and oldest  transportation.They look like a tricycle

Religion in India

 The India goddess Trimurti 

The dominate religion in India is Hindu

The Hindu faith believes in reincarnation, which   means after one dies they are re-born as another creature

The Hindu faith believes in worshiping many gods

Schools in India teach Yoga exercises every morning to their students.  Yoga is the prayer to the sun

The Hindu religion believes in heaven and the earth.  When one dies and they are good they go to heaven and stay.  If they are not “good”they are reincarnated back to the earth

They do not believe in hell or damnation

In Hinduism, the Trimurti are three aspects of  God in His forms as Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva



Ganesha is one of the best-known and most widely worshiped gods in the Hindu religion

Ganesha’s image is
found through out India and his elephant head is easy to spot

Ganesha’s is extensively honored as the god of intellect and wisdom,
the benefactor of the arts and sciences, and as the Remover of Obstacles

Tara -
Buddhist Great Mother


In India,Tara is called "The Most Revered of the old Pre-Vedic    goddesses"

Worshipers sacrifice wine to her

Tara is called the goddess of Compassion,The Diamond Sow, and the Great Mother

Tara is said to be the “enlightened one” and she has “vowed to reincarnate until all
beings have attained enlightenment”

Tara's commitment to her followers is to only incarnate as a female

Tara is said the reign over Heaven, Earth and the Underworld

Tara is believed to have dominion over love and war, the four seasons and everything that lives and grows during these times, including all births, deaths and reincarnations.She is even believed to have control over the cycles of the moon

Tara has sworn to "incarnate until all beings have attained enlightenment"

Mohan Herdas Gandhi -     
India's Hero

Mohandas Gandhi was a spiritual and political leader in India in the early 1900’s

Gandhi is known for his non-violent civil rights movement that abolished  the dictatorship that India people faced under British rule

Gandhi is called the Father of the India Nation

Gandhi would go on hunger strikes to emphasize the unjust  treatment of British rule

October 2nd is a national holiday celebrating  Gandhi’s sacrifice
to the India Nation

A Famous Quote of Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish

to see in the world”.

  Famous Landmark
         Taj Mahal

Considered to be one of the eight wonders of the world

Built completely of white marble

It is appears to “glow in the light of a full moon”

People on the other side of the Jamuna River say the Taj Mahal appears to float on foggy mornings

Western historians say that the architectural beauty of the Taj Mahal is the finest in the world and has never been surpassed

  India's Art Forms

India is known for:




Tribal Arts

Wall Paintings

Carpet Weaving

Gold and Silver Statues 


    Foods in India

A large majority of the India nation are  vegetarians due to the fact that the majority of the population in India are Hindu

31% of the people never eat meat 

9% of the people never eat meat, but they do eat eggs 

30% of the people consider themselves vegetarians but yet on rare occasions eat meat

30% of the people admit to
eating meat on a regular bases

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