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Interesting Facts:

Japanese is the Official Language spoken in Japan 

The number of people, population
who live in Japan
 is 127,288,416

In the big cities of Japan, trains, subways and buses are the preferred method of transportation

People do not usually use cars in the cities, but cars and trucks are found in rural areas
People in Japan respect age and experience so everyone honors and respects their elderly

Japanese families believe that the condition of the family is more importantthan the condition of an individual in that family 

The highest mountain in Japan is Mt. Fuji, which is an active volcano

Japan experiences around 3 mild earthquakes every day, with an average of around 1500 each year

Japan is the largest automobile producer in the world

The famous art of paper folding known as‘Origami’ also hails from Japan

The traditional dress for women is known as ’Kimono’.

Japanese eat with chopsticks called ‘Hashi’.

Japanese enjoy slurping while eating; it symbolizes that the food is delicious.

Rice is the staple diet of Japanese with tea served with practically all the meals.

There are about 200 volcanoes in Japan
In Japan, the teachers move from class to class and thestudents stay in one room

Emperor of Japan -
   His Imperial Majesty Akihito


Emperor Akihito is the 125th Emperor of Japan


The Emperor has the highest honor in all of




Government – 

The head of the government is the Emperor

The Emperor is the symbol of the state and of the unity of the Japanese people 

The National Diet of Japan is Japan's legislature.
                It consists of two Houses:
                    (1) The House of Representatives of Japan
                    (2) The House of Councillors. 
Both houses of the Diet are directly elected under a parallel 
voting system. They develop the laws of Japan

Japanese Money

In Japan money is called Okane, and is pronounced (oh-kah-neh

The basic coin in Japan is the Yen, it is similar to our penny in America

A long time ago, the Japanese people would put a hole in the middle of their coins and place a string through it. The men would wear their money around their necks

Today, the tradition is still in practice. The Yen, the 5 Yen, and the 50 Yen all have holes in the middle of them.

The Japanese also has paper money that usually comes in amounts of 1,000 yens and 10,000 yens

Industries In Japan

                                             Robodex Fashion Show Yokohama, Japan

Other Industries in Japan Includes:

machinery and equipment

metals and metal products







electrical and electronic equipment

processed foods

gold mining

magnesium mining

silver mining

          Agriculture,forestry, fishing and mining

form the primary sector of industry
of the Japanese economy. but together they account for only 1.3% of gross national product.

Agricultural Products
of Japan

Rice is Japan's most important agricultural product

But they also produce:










The agricultural economy is highly subsidized and protected.

Japan maintains an overall agricultural self-sufficiency rate of about 40% on fewer than 4.6 million cultivated hectares (14 million acres).

Farmers are also growing....

Square watermelons

Watermelons in Japan can cost up to $100 each

  Religion in Japan

Most Japanese people do not  believe in One God, but that everything is a divine spirit and the gods of heaven, and earth.

This includes insects, shrines, beasts, birds
, plants, seas, waterfalls, mountains, storms, rocks, winds, and their ancestors


Japanese people believe in heaven and the underworld
with strong beliefs in the spirits of the dead returning to earth

The greatest sin in Japan is to loose face by violating the social codes that the Japanese people live by

Famous Landmarks of Japan

Narita-san Shinso-ji


This temple attracts around ten million visitors a year

 Tokyo's Imperial Palace
         and the Niju-bashi Bridge

The Niju-bashi Bridge is an access bridge that is across the moat of the Imperial Palace

The only two times a year the Imperial Palace is open to the public is on January 2nd and on the birthday of the Emperor,which is December 23rd.

Myojoji Temple Statue

The statue is a wooden Buddha located in the  Myojoji Temple

The statue is located in the Buddhist temple, Myojoji

The temple was founded in the year 1294

Japanese Arts


The Japanese are known for:

*  The koto is one of the most
    popular Japanese musical

*  Wadaiko drumming

*  Painting

*  Pottery

*  Sculptures in wood and bronze

*  Ink painting on silk and paper

    Japanese Food

Japan is known for many things, but Sushi, rice and chopsticks are among their most famous.

A Japanese proverb says this about sushi,
"Eat it raw first of all, then grill it, and boil as the last resort"

Sushi is a fish meal that is considered best when the fish is very fresh and raw

Japan's Favorite Foods

Did You Know...

The biggest exporter of frog's legs in the world is Japan

In Japan, the most popular topping for pizza is Squid

In Japan, whale is a delicacy

Other favorite Foods Are:

Rice foods



Green tea and

Dried octopus and squid

Sea Mammal


Shell fish


Sukiyaki: vegetables, tofu and beef cooked in a pot, dipped in a raw egg

Okonomiyaki: pancake with a variety of ingredients and toppings

Udon/zoba:Japanese noodles

Gyoza: dumplings of Chinese origin

Shabu shabu: Japanese meat fondue

Japanese Girl eating a Whale Burger

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